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Haynes Vineyard

Our vineyard, planted in the late 1960's, is situated in the southeastern portion of the valley where prevailing summer winds consist of ocean air drawn up from the San Francisco Bay. The gusty breezes merrily scatter wine glasses during picnics but also provide a cool climate that is ideal for the production of Syrah, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the three varietals grown on the vineyard.

Haynes Vineyard's vines enjoy rocky alluvial soil with underlying volcanic ash. Having gusty ocean breezes cool vines growing in an excellent combination of soils serves wonderfully to accentuate the delicious varietal flavors and aromas of the grapes hanging on the vines. Anthony Dias Blue, a prominent wine expert, has concluded that Haynes Vineyard is nothing less than"...one of Napa Valley's most notable vineyards."

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